Big News for The Real Disney Mom!

Since I have started writing for the Disney Driven Life my own little Real Disney Mom blog here has been severely neglected! Between being the Kids writer for the DDL, finishing up the planning for my own WDW vacation on August 5th, and being a mommy and wife, I have had very little time to do much of anything else and I was very sad for my little blog here!

That is why I am very happy to announce that I will be introducing to you a fabulous group of Real Disney Moms that are going to be contributors to the Real Disney Mom blog!! Your own original Real Disney Mom is also going to assign herself one night a week to write a blog post for you about the planning of her WDW vacation! That being said I’d like to introduce to you the first 3 lovely ladies that are proud to call themselves Real Disney Moms!

Meet Real Disney Mom Janice B! Hang with her on FaceBook!

Real Disney Mom Janice B.

I am an almost 56 year old mom of 2 adult children (27 and 24); married for almost 30 years; and a true Disney fanatic. I was born and bred in NJ. When my husband retired in 2005, and both children were off to college, we moved to SC (much closer to Orlando!).

I began my love affair with all things Disney when, in 1972, my single mother drove her 2 teenage daughters from NJ to Florida to see the Magic Kingdom. Since that time I have returned to WDW approx. 35 times. It seems as if I am always planning our next trip. I have gone to Disney World alone; with my son for Mother/Son bonding; with my daughter for Mother/Daughter bonding; with my husband; with friends; bringing friends of my kids – I will never tire of visiting the “happiest place on earth!”

I am fortunate that my children, having been raised with the belief that everyone goes to Disney World on a regular basis, still look forward to our family trips. One of my proudest moments was when my daughter, a chef, was invited to cook at the Party for the Senses at the 2010 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.

Meet Real Disney Mom Janie GD! Tweet with her on Twitter! Hang with her on FaceBook! 

Real Disney Mom Janie GD.

I’m an English girl who’s been been enchanted by Disney since my very 1st visit to WDW in the late 1970’s.  Sharing my life with my much beloved husband, our own four little darlings, & an array of close family & dear friends, I aim to do random acts of kindness & think happy thoughts each and everyday!
Meet Real Disney Mom Michelle W! Tweet with her on Twitter! Hang with her on FaceBook!

Real Disney Mom Michelle W.

I’m a wife, a mom, a former Disney Store CM & all total “Diznoid” from NJ! I’ve been a visitor of WDW over 25 times, have enjoyed a few visits to DL, and have sailed on 2 voyages on the DCL. No one asks me where I’m going on vacation anymore…only when I’m going back!
Michelle is also a contributor to Disney World Nation
I am thoroughly excited to have a this fabulous group of Real Disney Moms here to help you get wrapped up in some pixie dust! I can’t wait to read their first blog posts, how about you?!

“…just maybe a little neurotic…”

“I found it”. I said to myself. Yes indeed, I SO found it! I really could not believe what I was looking at on my computer screen. This was it, this was me, they were describing me! If you think I’m sounding nuts, you’re wrong, I’m not nuts, not crazy, just maybe a little neurotic…

I am talking about the Disney Driven Life. The DDL is a website completely dedicated to just what the title says; living a life driven by all things Disney. When you visit the DDL you are invited to “Be Counted“. Be counted as what you ask? As a Neurotic Disney Mom! Or Dad, Wife, Critter or whatever it is that you are! I was enthralled to find that I could actually stake claim as a Neurotic Disney Mom. I only buy Huggies diapers because they have Disney characters on them. I cringe if my children want to watch “that other kids channel” on TV. These things along with about 50,000 more Disney related idiosyncrasies made me know that yes, I was in fact a real and true NDM. I breath Disney! I spend all year planning for the annual journey to my mecca. And now here before my eyes there was a web site where I could connect with other people just like me!

The Disney Driven Life was started when J.L. Knopp aka NDM #1 wrote a trip report about her 2009 Walt Disney World vacation. People loved reading about her confessions as a Neurotic Disney Mom and she was urged to take her idea further. And so the Disney Driven Life was born. J.L. and a host of other bloggers on the DDL urge everyone to live a Disney Lifestyle and are not shy about doing so!

Being a Neurotic Disney Mom I started to become a little neurotic about this website. I would check it every night once the kids were in bed and read the new articles. I read every single Confession on the page. I even started listening to The Inner Mouse podcasts while doing dishes. Oh yes, I was hooked.

All of this being said, I am now ridiculously, fabulously, over the top of The World excited to announce that I am now the Planning With Little Ones blogger for the Disney Driven Life! As soon as I happened upon the DDL I knew I had to be a bigger part of it than just Being Counted and I thrilled to now say that I am! Come check out my first post, and be sure to come back every Saturday for your Planning With Little Ones fix! If you are reading this blog, chances are that you too may be a Neurotic Disney Individual. So go visit the Disney Driven Life and Be Counted!!!