Disney’s One More Day

From the practically perfect personality of Real Disney Mom Jewelz P!

Hey All!

Sorry it has been a while – been busy trying to keep the clients happyand the strollers clean and purty!
Disney’s One More Day was great! at least for the times we picked to
go. Being 45 miles away from the Happiest Place on Earth in Los
Angeles traffic is not an easy feat to just pop up and go..

We finally met up with our friend Amanda (The Disney Go To Girl/Disney
Mom’s Panel) and her little one and Ari Krell (Disney Mom’s Panel) at
Trader Sam’s for adult drinks – I wanted to have a little medicine in
me before the crowds and Excedrin was pulled from the shelves. This
was just as good.

So I just renewed our Annual Passes online and had to still get to the
ticket booth to issued a new passes. I found out that the “Stroller
Rental Deal” was not a deal at all. You could just pay for your days
needed all at once and just show your receipt at the pick-up area
instead of having to wait in line.. still $15.00 a day for the use of
a ratty over used stroller with no sun/rain/wind cover. I also saw
many kids who were way to big for these strollers. I wonder who
maintains them?

Any who –  2 o’clock and off we go to the entrance of Disneyland. Many
families were leaving for the mid afternoon rest. Not too crowded for
Main Street USA. Looking around at the shops just gives me bliss.
Though it is not Disneyworld – I still feel a calm even with kids
running into me and my head being bombarded by balloons. “Drink is
We head on over to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle for our AP photos. Go over
the bridge and into Fantasyland we go. Peter Pan’s Flight had a 25 min
wait – not too bad but Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride was my first intentions!
This was Alexis’ actual first time to Disneyland – It took me a while
but WDW and DLR in her first three years was an accomplishment!

Now mind you the lines and railings were not made for us “Pooh size”
addicts so directing my port and starboard side while carrying a
little one was rough. The husband had the diaper bag and it started to
get a little crowded. Alexis’ anxiety started to rise. “Drink helping
here” So I put her on my shoulders so that she could the cars and
people ahead – little distraction. Yes! We got “Ratty” a white little
car with burgundy seats. works for me. I sat inside so Lexi could
steer the car. Once again Pooh Size not helping here. Alexis was just
getting her start of stimulation for the day. Left! Right! Switchback!
KaBOOM through the TNT doors! – Hmmm is this how she will drive in 14
years? Oh wait it is me at the helm..

Next we were search of our stroller – CMs moved them yet again. There
is the StoryBook Ride but no It’s a Small World is next – literally
walked on the boats. though the song is played over and over – but no
it did not stay in our heads. YEAH!!

As we exited – Mickey’s Soundsational Parade  was just ending it’s
route right by us so that was great because we did not have to pick a
spot to watch – it went right by us! Lexi was trying to join the

After a few more rides in Fantasyland we were off to Mickey’s ToonTown
– I loved the one in WDW but I am sorry to see it go. I hope to see
the expanded Fantasyland in Oct 2013.

New Orleans Square – Pirates had a 14 minute wait – and I could not
have been more happier! ah the smell of the chlorine and the Blue

Bayou food in the background as we waited for our perot (Pur Row).
Cajun for boat..
The scenes and some animatronics have changed through out the year but
the Wench in the Red Dress will never go way – Jack Sparrow popping up
here and there – And the flume drops – better than WDW’s.  Time for a
little dinner. Hanging out in the square hoping to
see………………… but  darkness is upon us and that means
LIGHTED toys for the little one. Some of the quick dining restaurants
had specials for the Disney One More day – We decided to try the
French Market – Good Food and with our AP discounts – even better!..

Haunted mansion was next in line – Walked right into the house and off
to the elevators we go… They changed some of the magic through here
too.. some things I even forgot – How could I do that? The Doombuggies
were tight as well.. POOH SIZE and the drinks are still helping! As we
exited the ride, You could hear the screams from Splash Mountain – To
cold and and dark to get wet at that time of the night.

Off to Tomorrowland – That’s where I drew the line – too many college
kids and the 70 minute wait for Star Tours!  It was becoming VERY
crowded at 8PM. So we went to the baby center to change out Lexi’s
clothes for PJ’s and a needed a new bottle that she dropped at
Pirates. $2.00 for a new Gerber bottle not bad. The Baby Center has 4
breastfeeding rooms, 4 changing tables, two high chairs, microwave and
hot water. Very small environment that sees about @1000 kids a day in
the summer..

We decided to leave and may way for home! I was happy – I had my
Disney One more Day Buttons in hand, met up with Amanda and Alexis got
her first visit to Disneyland!.
Very happy to have beaten the late night crowds – those leaving work
at 5 or 6pm to hang all night in Disney!

From what I overheard – 40 minute wait to get into the Mickey and
Friends parking lot, Stopped letting guests in for about and hour
around 10:15pm and the 5 freeway southbound was backed up to the
91(saw that when we drove home) All in All not major meltdowns and
good time had by all!

Big News for The Real Disney Mom!

Since I have started writing for the Disney Driven Life my own little Real Disney Mom blog here has been severely neglected! Between being the Kids writer for the DDL, finishing up the planning for my own WDW vacation on August 5th, and being a mommy and wife, I have had very little time to do much of anything else and I was very sad for my little blog here!

That is why I am very happy to announce that I will be introducing to you a fabulous group of Real Disney Moms that are going to be contributors to the Real Disney Mom blog!! Your own original Real Disney Mom is also going to assign herself one night a week to write a blog post for you about the planning of her WDW vacation! That being said I’d like to introduce to you the first 3 lovely ladies that are proud to call themselves Real Disney Moms!

Meet Real Disney Mom Janice B! Hang with her on FaceBook!

Real Disney Mom Janice B.

I am an almost 56 year old mom of 2 adult children (27 and 24); married for almost 30 years; and a true Disney fanatic. I was born and bred in NJ. When my husband retired in 2005, and both children were off to college, we moved to SC (much closer to Orlando!).

I began my love affair with all things Disney when, in 1972, my single mother drove her 2 teenage daughters from NJ to Florida to see the Magic Kingdom. Since that time I have returned to WDW approx. 35 times. It seems as if I am always planning our next trip. I have gone to Disney World alone; with my son for Mother/Son bonding; with my daughter for Mother/Daughter bonding; with my husband; with friends; bringing friends of my kids – I will never tire of visiting the “happiest place on earth!”

I am fortunate that my children, having been raised with the belief that everyone goes to Disney World on a regular basis, still look forward to our family trips. One of my proudest moments was when my daughter, a chef, was invited to cook at the Party for the Senses at the 2010 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.


Meet Real Disney Mom Janie GD! Tweet with her on Twitter! Hang with her on FaceBook! 

Real Disney Mom Janie GD.

I’m an English girl who’s been been enchanted by Disney since my very 1st visit to WDW in the late 1970’s.  Sharing my life with my much beloved husband, our own four little darlings, & an array of close family & dear friends, I aim to do random acts of kindness & think happy thoughts each and everyday!
Meet Real Disney Mom Michelle W! Tweet with her on Twitter! Hang with her on FaceBook!

Real Disney Mom Michelle W.

I’m a wife, a mom, a former Disney Store CM & all total “Diznoid” from NJ! I’ve been a visitor of WDW over 25 times, have enjoyed a few visits to DL, and have sailed on 2 voyages on the DCL. No one asks me where I’m going on vacation anymore…only when I’m going back!
Michelle is also a contributor to Disney World Nation
I am thoroughly excited to have a this fabulous group of Real Disney Moms here to help you get wrapped up in some pixie dust! I can’t wait to read their first blog posts, how about you?!